5 Container Landscaping Medford Oregon Tips To Enhance Your Home Entryway

One can’t express enough positive words about container gardens.

Regards them as perfect little mini gardens, wrapped in a pot.

No matter where you try placing them, you can foresee an instant visual appeal. They’re fun to create and easy to plant, making any landscaping Medford Oregon project a pleasure to take on, and these guys will do it: http://medfordlandscapingpros.com/

Poor soil in your backyard? No capacity for a full-size garden? Containers to the rescue.

The options for container plants and blossoms are infinite. But particular kinds hold up better than others during these dog days of summer.

Let’s inspect some of our favorite summer container gardening tips to complement your home entryway by adding value to it.

Where To Plop Your Pots?

Containers are portable, so you can put them anywhere that calls for a beauty boost.

Place a potted plant — or a few — near an entryway to establish a cheerful reception for your visitors. Line a front walkway with inviting blooms.

Decorate your deck with multiple volleys of color and texture. Surround your pool with potted tropical plants — instant resort. Position multiple pots as dividers to plan an outdoor area. Pot up herbs on the deck for easy snipping at supper time.

You get the idea. They go anywhere

The Best Drought Tolerant Plants For Container Gardening This Summer

Some plants perform better than others in the intensity of summer. Here are sturdy picks for your summer pots.

Plant them solo for an explosion of pure color, or become creative and blend them for a bountiful mini garden in a pot.


There are lots of types of verbena to choose from, all bright and easy to produce.

They succeed in hot weather and endure drought. The pretty blooms love to a cascade, which makes them ideal for pots, crates and window boxes.


Looking for a rich, tropical look for your pool or patio? Canna, with its variegated leaves and brilliant blossoms, delivers. Backlit by the sun, they positively glow.


Fill your pots with lantana, and you’ll quickly be best friends with butterflies. They love it.

Lantana offers multicolored flowers in crimson, orange, yellow, pink, and white.


Salvia is amazing with its indigo blue flowers, but it also holds up well to hot weather and drought. Get ready for visiting birds and butterflies.

Go For Foliage

Worried about flowers that fade or plump up in the heat of summer?

You can skip the blossoms and pack your pots with foliage plants that look perfect all season long.

Go for coleus, which gives pretty leaves in a myriad of tones, often with stunning markings.

Many ornamental kinds of grass look great in pots, offering graceful movement in the summer air.

Sedums and succulents are popular now, and they’re famous for needing little water.

Oxalis offers stunning deep purple foliage. Bonus: it flourishes well as a houseplant, too, so you can bring it in at the end of the summer and enjoy it all winter.


Most herbs are strong, calm and do well in pots. Some are frilly, some thin, some smooth and shiny. But their true gift is in the sniffing.

Try a triad of lavender, mint and lemon thyme. Smell it, then wave goodbye to any stress.

Bonus: throw them in a slaw, mix them into salsa or nuzzle them atop your barbecued chicken.

The Care And Feeding Of Container Plants

How regularly to you water your containers? It depends on their capacity, location and the kinds of plants you have inside. A good rule of thumb?  Feel the soil. If the first inch is dry, water it.

Give it enough water, so the whole soil ball becomes wet. You need to see how the water seeps out of the seepage holes.

Containers require more watering than garden beds. All that watering makes the nutrients in the soil leach out.

That means you have to replace them, through regular fertilizing. All summer long.

Choose slow-release or timed release fertilizer, and small amounts of nutrients are slowly released into the soil.

These products are usually mixed with the soil and will supply nutrients for three to four months.

Or you can opt for a liquid fertilizer that you mix with water and apply with your regular watering, usually every two weeks.

Medford Landscaping Pros will visit your property and recommend plants that are suited to your outdoor space. And we’re happy to show up as the seasons change to make sure your pots boast beautiful plants to suit the season.