10 Tips for Safer Hunting as a Beginner Hunter That Involves Muzzle Brakes


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It sure would be wise to follow along while MadHouse Design discusses 10 tips for safer hunting now and well into the future:

  1. How to Proceed with Caution – Before you take it upon yourself to follow your game, it would be in your best interest to gain a basic theoretical understanding of various hunting practices. In some states, it is a prerequisite to getting some training and get licensed. However, even if this is not the case, it would be better if you could enroll yourself in a short course before you actually enter the practical grounds.
  2. Do Not Go Hunting Without a License – Even though it goes without saying, the only way to get into the hunting grounds legally is to be licensed. Although, some of you may be impulsive enough and make the mistake of wanting to go hunting without having a license. This is illegal. Do the right thing and go through the legal process to get properly licensed.
  3. Tag Along With an Experienced Hunter – Before you even think to start out on your own, tag along with a more experienced and successful hunter. Do not bother them too much with questions, unless you want to know more about how muzzle brakes works, and if they are any good when you’re out hunting. Overall, it is highly recommended that you watch and learn as hunting is all about observing. Therefore, keep an eye open to everything around you, and he or she will soon impart some valuable knowledge.
  4. Taking Care of Gun Safety – When handling something dangerous such as rifles, you have to take the necessary care concerning safety issues. Check the lock of the gun, ensure your fingers are clear of the trigger, do not load the gun when you’re not using it, and do not let other people touch it.
  5. Know Your Rules and Regulations – No doubt it would be wise to be aware of the various rules regarding the area you intend shooting in as they would have different rules and laws than the area where you usually hang out. This way, you won’t get into any kind of trouble legally.
  6. Choose Your Rifle Wisely – Your rifle is always the most important part of hunting, meaning you need to choose wisely. Conduct some research, if possible, you should borrow one and discover what suits you and your needs.
  7. Know Your Surroundings – Be aware of the surrounding you are chasing your game in otherwise you will lose it or face all kinds of difficulties that may involve getting injured and an unsuccessful hunting project.
  8. Practice Shooting – There is just no way you’re going to avoid this one. Some people say that practice shooting is a lot of fun as you get to experiment with the latest muzzle brakes such as the exciting triple-port muzzle brakes designed by MadHouse Design. One need to brush up on your shooting skills in variable ambiance with artificial disturbances to brush up on your shooting skills.
  9. Accessories – Beginner hunters should not confuse themselves with too many accessories, but rather work towards keeping their gears simple like ammo, camo, brakes, boots, rifle, etc. Check with the owner of the hunting grounds whether some crazy tools are allowed or not. When you just start out, it’s best to keep it simple.
  10. Hunt Easy Game – The biggest factor to being successful as a beginner hunter is to opt for an easy game when starting. This way you get to boost your confidence and learn how to play it safe until such time that you progress to hunting bigger game.

Now that we have that covered let’s move on to how you would safely install a muzzle brake.

Installing Muzzle Brakes

It is usually an easy task as most rifles have threads towards the end of the barrel. As long as you know that different rifles would feature different pitch threads. Read on and discover the proper installation steps:

  • Firstly, you need to hold your rifle the right way or lie it on the table while strong hands are holding it.
  • Let another person unscrew the flash hider by using an open ended wrench.
  • Newer muzzle brake models would feature a crush washer, jam nut, and peel washer. Each one would have a different function.
  • Crush washers allow one to determine the proper alignment of the brakes.
  • Peel washers would help in peeling off the layers of the washer to achieve a certain thickness to ensure the brakes are correctly oriented.
  • Jam nuts are used to tighten the brakes once it’s all been aligned in a safe manner.

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